Can lemmings really fly or grow a shell?

No. There is no such thing as flying or shelled lemmings. However, over time animals do develop physical and behavioural adaptations that can give them an advantage in a certain environment. The animals in this game do already have some adaptations which allow them to live in the arctic. The shell and the wings were chosen in this game to represent adaptations because they are so easily recognizable!

Do polar bears really eat arctic foxes?

Yes! When a polar bear is hungry enough it will eat anything. They would much rather dine on seals but take what they can find. Most of the time through, it is actually the foxes who track polar bears to scavenge from what they leave behind.

Do carrion beetles kill polar bears?

Not really. As mentioned in the rules, carrion beetles are decomposers and yes there are species that can be found in the arctic! A decomposer does not ‘kill’ its food, it dines off that which has already died. Therefore, while it does not kill polar bears, it will eat them when they die.

Are there any ‘safe zones’ in nature?

In nature, there is snow where to hide. Terrible puns aside, everything is fair game but animals do have certain adaptations that give them more protection. A lemming is much safer from foxes under the snow than running around on top of it!

What do lemmings eat in the winter?

Lemmings eat frozen plants in the winter and twigs. Some common ones are dwarf willow (or arctic tundra willow), dwarf birch and moss shoots.

Can lemmings and foxes move diagonally in real life?

Yes. Sometimes you have to develop game mechanics that don’t reflect the natural way things work.