Out on the tundra, two young foxes work together to stay alive and find food. They listen carefully to their prey below before pouncing at just the right moment. Underground, life is equally challenging. A lemming family searches for food and water, all with the constant threat of the foxes above. Which species will thrive, and which will struggle to survive?

A 2-4 Player ECOLOGY Game
of hidden Movement,
Area Control,
And Strategy




You are a small little lemming burrowing around under the snow for food and water to bring back to your babies. Unfortunately, your upstairs neighbours are foxes and they’re jerks. They keep digging up your tunnels and trying to eat you, but you’re far too clever for them. AND you’ve got some friends in high places…


Or… You are a poor starving newlywed fox. The only real estate you could afford was in the high arctic, but you don’t mind. You’ve adapted. There is opportunity here even if you can’t see it: scurrying around beneath you. You’ll work in tandem to track it and trap it, transforming this frigid polar desert into a fridge for your dessert!